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Get ready to change your travel experience!

Our objective is to become the number one choice in planning & tacking trips. Options to complete flight bookings, train bookings, web check-in, discover new people and expand your networks. We are doing what we love and believe this will solve a lot of problems with trip planning, bookings, on the trip and making the most of your trip!

We are continuously working very hard to add many functionalities and to increase our geographic spread so you can have the best experience! We dont have a fat external funding and are fully self funded with a passion for travel so we are slow, but steady!

HopWit let's you track your upcoming trips (Flights, Trains, Bus) - It does not matter where you booked your tickets from! You can book from airline websites, other travel portals, etc. HopWit allows you to web-checkin for flights, track PNR status for trains in India, Post Social & Travel Updates, Share Photos, Local Weather display, let's you expand your social and professional network with the option to discover new people around & let's you text chat with your phone contacts, social & professional friends or people nearby with option to share photos, location.

HopWit will digest upcoming or new travel plans, gives recommendations with option to chat with friends at the destination. HopWit also let's you book flights (coming soon), hotels and cabs from your source & destination.

HopWit has a travel feeds section where you can share your travel plans or trip updates by sharing photos, or posts. You can follow other HopWit users to get their periodic feeds updates which can help you to plan your next trip. You can post check-in updates on the HopWit feeds section to let your friends know what you are upto. Your followers can like your posts and post comments too.

HopWit has a discover people section where it will display all your phone contacts using the HopWit app to have instant real time conversations and also this section allows you to discover new people who are using the HopWit App provided you & they have turned on location on the App to be discovered. You can chat reatlime, plan a meet, make the most of your travel time!

HopWit allows you to connect your social or professional profiles. Your HopWit profile will list your social or professional titles to the users who find you on the HopWit App. You can filter by your social or professional friends on the discover section with an option to instantly chat. You can share photos, location with your friends.

Support us by downloading the HopWit App, invite your friends to install the App and make the most of your travel times!


HopWit Founders

Karuna Ahuja Founder - HopWit

Karuna is a management graduate who has worked within the banking industry in the early stage of her career and tthen left her corporate job to focus in the travel industry. She travelled extensively during this timeframe and the idea of HopWit was born & she has been involved in the travel industry (East Africa) with turning many operators to use the online platforms.

Parneet Mehra CoFounder - HopWit

Parneet runs her own fashion design house by the brand Itna Drama and this makes her travel around the world throughout the year. She has some real life experiences how tough it can be to look for best fares, best places to stay and what to do in the free time on your travel. How to make the most of your travel is something she has learnt all these years and is putting that experience as we build HopWit.

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